Man and woman

Year: 2016/17

Dimensions: 200 x 40 x 30 cm

Material: Untersberg marble

Surface technology: Finely sanded.

Artistic intention: The perpetual interplay of plus – minus, concave – convex, flexor and extensor, ying and yang or man and woman is an essential part of life. This is expressed by the compact yet open sculpture.
The masculine strength dominates and protects the feminine at the same time.
The feminine gives itself while at the same time representing the basis of all life.
The duality of the sculpture is in the foreground. The side view is reminiscent of a phallus, while the frontal opening is reminiscent of a vulva.
The flow of water comes from the masculine side and only wets the female form.
The sculpture stands for interpersonal relationships and fertility.

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