Mst. Noah Maria Nührig, born 1994, lives and works in Salzburg

After graduating in 2016 from the HTBLA Hallein technical college for arts and crafts and design with a major in sculpture, he made a two-meter-high fountain from Untersberg marble.

In 2018, he was able to further develop his skills in wood and metalworking with the sculptors from Glemmart, wood carver Herbert Aschabacher, artist Florian Wolf and master sculptor Michael Gappmaier, and expand his knowledge.

In 2019, he successfully passed the master craftsman’s examination for sculpture under the guidance of Hartwig Mülleitner at the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce.

In August 2019, he assisted Felix Zenzmaier with bronze casts by Josef Zenzmaier and was able to make his own first cast.

2020 Self-employment as a master sculptor.

2020 Joint exhibition with Andrea Maria Reiser
in the Fischbrunnensaal in the Salzburg Residence

2022 sponsored by Kunsthilfe Salzburg

Photo credits: Kunsthilfe Salzburg/Chris Perkles

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